In general, we use equal length front and back lines when powered up.This ensures the highest level of backward and forward compatibility of kites to the bars.

If you test your lines and they are equal in length and side to side, then it should work.


4 line Bar, Manual

  1. XR5
  2. Section2
  3. Impact2
  4. GTS4
  5. Section
  6. Impact (nur Sensor2, Sensor2+ und Sensor Pro, nur mit Umbau 5ter Leine)
  7. Free
  8. XR4
  9. GTS3
  10. Riot XR3
  11. GTS2
  12. Riot XR2
  13. GTS
  14. Riot XR
  15. GT
  16. Combat Wave


4 line Bar, Manual

  1. Riot XR3
  2. GTS2
  3. Riot XR2
  4. GTS
  5. Riot XR
  6. GT
  7. Combat Wave


4 line Bar, Wave Setup (front lines connected directly to trim Adjuster), Manual

  1. Combat Wave

5th HD Bar

5 line Bar, Manual

  1. Riot Classic